W.D.Vasquez & Co. invests in opportunities across several industries, markets, national borders, and asset classes, including - but not limited to - equities (private and public), fixed income (corporates, municipals, and sovereigns), commodities and futures with a particular outlook in global emerging economies.

Our long-term investment posture embraces three characteristics:

·      Non-control, passive investments.

·      Arbitrage, opportunistic, and special situations.

·      Control ownership, active investments.  

As fiduciaries we are long-term guardians of investor capital, and as we invest alongside our shareholder partners, we do not seek short-term profits. Rather, we build and nurture long-term wealth. We do not flip, rent or trade stocks, we buy and own businesses that produce goods and services for the real economy.  We invest in companies that make things that ordinary people need and want.  We are bottom-up value investors, not top-down speculators or traders. We are investment stewards, not salespeople. We are not interested in quick riches: instead, we invest in and nurture long-term prosperity for our partner shareholders. 

Through our investment and portfolio holdings, our selection criteria demonstrates the appropriate temperament for preserving principal invested capital while generating consistent, steady income, and total after-tax returns. We aspire to steadily increase the per share book value of our enterprise, and allow the patient benefits of compounding interest to accrue over time.. We anchor our investment philosophy and principles in the time-tested ideas of John Maynard Keynes, Joseph Schumpeter, Hyman Minsky, John Burr Williams, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Sir John Templeton, Walter Schloss, Michael Porter, and among other thought leaders who embrace a fundamental, value-oriented investment doctrine.

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