W.D.Vasquez & Co. was launched to serve the growing investment needs of an emerging global market and multicultural population. Originally investment counselors, its aim was not to do extraordinary things in investment management; rather, its purpose was to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way by consistently delivering high level personal attention, and dignity in which it is done.  

Through resiliency and dedication to serving as a fiduciary and responsible steward of investment assets, the success of the firm - since its opening one week before the 2008 financial crisis - is attributable to a disciplined investment temperament, a rigorous research program rooted in the highest academic standards, and a flexibility in seizing market investment opportunities as they arise. 

W.D.Vasquez & Co. (formerly "Vasquez & Co.," or "EDM Investments," or "EDM Capital Partners") was originally begun as an SEC Registered Investment Adviser that maintained its primary brokerage and custodial relationship with Charles Schwab & Co., TradePMR, Inc., and cleared its securities transactions with First Clearing, LLC, a wholly owned limited liability company of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Member FINRA & SIPC. W.D.Vasquez & Co. no longer engages in investment advisory business. It is an investment holding company that operates through its subsidiary holdings.

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